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Posted on July 25, 2011


Tips to keep in mind when bodybuilding……

  1. Train with heavy weights to get muscle fullness – round look.
  2. Make sure to have range of motion to maximize the muscle expansion.
  3. Intake GOOD calories – have a regimental eating routine with carbohydrates loading and sufficient amount of protein.
  4.  Listen to your body and respond accordingly – Rest if your body feels over trained or tired. Do not push your injuries, take off.
  5.  Post workout stretch – to maximize recovery process, avoid injuries.
  6.  Do your cardio – Its a must for any kind of physical fitness. Low impact cardio for bodybuilding. (Walk at fast pace uphill)
  7.  Take your supplements – To help your body develop beyond its boundaries.
  8.  Keep yourself hydrated through your workout – drink water or light sports drinks during training to avoid cramping.
  9. Consume protein – post workout, before bed time – for recovery and overnight growth.
  10.  Make sure to have a positive mindset prior to training. Its all in your mind.

The ideal work out and diet regime for bodybuilders or those who wish to get that kind of a physique.

It’s very hard to respond to this question because it comes down to the individual. Everyone responds different to diets and training. Genetics is a big help, but everyone has potential. The best thing to do is to experiment with different diets and foods to see what really works for you, same with exercises, some people respond better to 3 on 1 off day schedule, some to 6 on 1 off day schedule. One thing is for sure across the board when it comes to bodybuilding – You must train with heavy to moderate weights, full range motion, at least one set to full failure on every exercise. In advanced training, 3 set per exercise – 2 set to failure last set past failure (forced reps)

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