Sabrina Taylor

Posted on July 19, 2011


Sabrina Taylor

Sabrina began her athletic career at the very young age of 3 when she got into gymnastics. She competed until the age of 15 where she made it to the Olympic caliber of competition. Sabrina continued her training during her 10 year service as a United States Air Force enlisted woman. Sabrina competed in powerlifting events setting several records and winning numerous awards for her weight class. In 2004, Sabrina competed in her first NPC fitness competition bringing home the overall at the Emerald Cup. Several months later she competed in her first national level show, the USAs, and won her class for her pro-card, becoming one of the quickest women to earn her pro-card in IFBB history.

Sabrina currently works as the Area 14 Fitness Center manager at the United States Marine base in Oceanside, California, Camp Pendleton. She is the coach of the Varsity Camp Pendleton bodybuilding and powerlifting teams.